It´s time for the “Procesionaria del Pino” (pine caterpillar). This animal lives in nests in the pine trees, you see them as white balons. The animal is covered with fine hairs which are highly alergenics. The nests are also made with those hairs.

At this time of the year the pine caterpillar comes down to earth and walks to places where it can go down the earth and then become a butterfly. Meanwhile they are walking one caterpillar behind another it is important to observe if we see them and avoid that our animal gets next to them.

If our animal sniffs or licks them a big dangerous alergic reaction will be in proces. If you think your animal had have a contact with them you should contact your vet inmediately. You will find signs as: salivation, thick tongue and other part of the face, up to respiratory problems.

In case of contact please call your vet inmediately.

We recomend to take your dog in Februar and March to places where no pine trees are, such as part of beaches or fields

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