Dear clients;

wednesdays in the morning we offer in the Nexo Clinica in Denia an opthalmological consulting.  If you live in Denia o near and your animal presents ocular problems, thos goes from constant ocular discharge, red eyes, poor vision night and/or day time or any other ocular abnormality, and you are interested coming to our consulting, don´t hessitate in contacting nexo Clinic Denia ( 96 578 49 38) for your appointment.

We do an complete ophthalmological exam (like in our clinic) which goes from examining the outside of the eye, exam with the biomicroscope and viewing the eye bakround, including eye pressure and diferent colored eye drops to see even the smallest corneal defects which are imposible to view without biomicroscope.

If you wish an appointment just call Nexo Denia and say it is for a ophthalmological exam with Nina.

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