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We offer a service in internal general medicine, blood analytics, surgery and our special ophthalmology service (eye deseases)

We have the necesary machines to do a complete and detailed eye exam using specific machines like biomicroscope (detect problems around the eye and evaluation of the cornea and lense), tonometer (take eye pressure) and inderect ophthalmoscope (evaluation of eye background, optic nerve and retinian blood vessel system)

We colaborate with several other specialists as traumatologysts, radiologysts, neurologysts, exotic animal specialists etc… we think that working this way we can speed the diagnostic and so put an adecuate treatment in the fastest way, which means less time to cure.

You can reach us 24 hours a day on our cell phone (609563088).  In the nearly improbable case we can´t answer, we will call you back a s soon as posible.  In case we can´t answer the phone because we are not in town the telephone conects directly to the Nexo 24 hour clinica in Denia (Carretera Denia-Pego) or conects to Dr. Nina Buschmann in LLosa de Camatxo.

Our Philosophy

At Minina&Kanina we offer the basic veterinary service and surgery and on top the ophthalmologic service in dogs and cats (diagnosis and treatment of ocular deseases)

Our filosophy is based on a soft handling of our clients.  In the case of a dog (we know that the majority of them don´t like the vet visit)  we try to work without break, but in the slowest posible way, over all if it is an animal with a lot of fear.  Our consulting table, which is electric, reaches down the floor, so the first impresion is a “sofa”, we call it our magic table.  With patience and sausages we want to establish a relation for the dog which woud be: table – treat -I like.  With this way of working we hope to take the fear away and convert the visit into something relaxing for animal and owner.

We recomend dog owners, which dogs are very afraid of the vet, to pop in once a week or at least regulary to have a quick snack and play around the table, so after some visits most of them see a visit to the vet as something nice and tasty.  I could prove during may nearly 5 year stay in Germany that this way of working is succesful.  And the more relaxed is the animal, the more relaxed is the owner and a better examination can be done by us.

Sometimes this way of working takes more time for a good diagnostic and due to that we love to work by appointment.  We can block certain time for each animal, over all in the first visit, which is the most important one.  We take ourself the necesary time for each patient, because every patient is individual.  Why don´t you bring his prefered treats to a visit (in case your dog doesn´t like sausages) ?  Between all of us in this “strange” atmosphere for your animal we can create a new one, something nicer, my helper and me are convinced because of our experience.

At Minina&Kanina we love to talk.  We love to explain things, what we are doing, which medicament we are going to prescribe and what it´s for.  We love to explain deseases and their treatments, we try to talk as less as posible but as much as necesary, which sometimes is dificult, over all in cronich deseases or some ocular case.

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