Tu mascota en buenas manos

We offer a service in internal general medicine, blood analytics, surgery and our special ophthalmology service (eye deseases)

We have the necesary machines to do a complete and detailed eye exam using specific machines like biomicroscope (detect problems around the eye and evaluation of the cornea and lense), tonometer (take eye pressure) and inderect ophthalmoscope (evaluation of eye background, optic nerve and retinian blood vessel system)

We colaborate with several other specialists as traumatologysts, radiologysts, neurologysts, exotic animal specialists etc… we think that working this way we can speed the diagnostic and so put an adecuate treatment in the fastest way, which means less time to cure.

You can reach us 24 hours a day on our cell phone (609563088).  In the nearly improbable case we can´t answer, we will call you back a s soon as posible.  In case we can´t answer the phone because we are not in town the telephone conects directly to the Nexo 24 hour clinica in Denia (Carretera Denia-Pego) or conects to Dr. Nina Buschmann in LLosa de Camatxo.