our surgery base is at Nexo Denia, where we realize any kind of soft tissue surgery form abdominal to eye surgery, traumatology etc…

Our anesthesias are inhalatory anesthesias (isofluran narcotic gas) and monitoring during the whole surgery.  This means, that your animal is controled during the whole surgery and we can check any time vital constans like respiratory frecuency, heart frecuency, oxigen in blood and espirated CO.  So in case of an intraoperatory emergency we can act more rapidly and send the animal into a deeper or less deep level of anesthesia or notice intraoperatoy pain and treat inmediately.

Before a deep anesthesia your animal recieves a sedation.  We intent that your animal catch sleep in a relaxed stadium,  we recomend to bring his own blanket, so he is surrounded in his familie´s smell.