Specialization ophthalmology in dogs and cats

With special ophthalmologic machines we can detect eye deseases like a glacoma (high intraocular pressure), uveitis (inner eye inflamation), ectopic ee lashes and/ore disstiquiasis (eye lashes which grow in a non adecuate place and irritate the cornea), triquiasis (hair that grows in a normal anatomic position but direction cornea and irritate the cornea), we put correct treatment for cornea ulcus looking at the deepness (with our biomicroscope) and so decide better which treatment wpuld be the best one for the cure.

We can apreciate the eye back groud after dilate the pupil, we can see the retinian blood vessels, the optic nerve and the tapetal and non tapetal zones, make a diagnosis and put treatment.

We can treat ophthalmological emergencies as deep corneal scratches which need a corneal suture, iris prolapses and others, as we own a surgical microscope often needed in those cases.