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Nina Sukup

Nina Sukup

After finishing the studies of veterinary science in 2006 at the CEU univerisity in Valencia, 4 years of work experience in Germany (Stuttgart, Kleintierpraxis Dr. N. Müller und S. Mitra) followed, specialists in small animals and ophthalmology,  and some months in the Kleintierpraxis Dr. R: Mikus, Rosenheim, where the main work was to carry out the eye consultings for cats and dogs.

Since March 2011 Minina&Kanina offers a wide service for small animals, titulated by the UCM (University of Madrid, Ophthalmology Master in 2011) we offer Ophthalmology as a special consulting.

Since January 2012 e offer our ophthalmology service also wednesdays in the Nexo Clinic Denia from 10:00-14:30

Instalaciones Facilities


we send our blood analitics to a laboratory in Valencia, they collect every day the samples, in emergency cases we can realize those blood tests also at nexo in Denia


our surgery base is at Nexo Denia, where we realize any kind of soft tissue surgery form abdominal to eye surgery, traumatology etc…

Our anesthesias are inhalatory anesthesias (isofluran narcotic gas) and monitoring during the whole surgery.  This means, that your animal is controled during the whole surgery and we can check any time vital constans like respiratory frecuency, heart frecuency, oxigen in blood and espirated CO.  So in case of an intraoperatory emergency we can act more rapidly and send the animal into a deeper or less deep level of anesthesia or notice intraoperatoy pain and treat inmediately.

Before a deep anesthesia your animal recieves a sedation.  We intent that your animal catch sleep in a relaxed stadium,  we recomend to bring his own blanket, so he is surrounded in his familie´s smell.

Specialization ophthalmology in dogs and cats

With special ophthalmologic machines we can detect eye deseases like a glacoma (high intraocular pressure), uveitis (inner eye inflamation), ectopic ee lashes and/ore disstiquiasis (eye lashes which grow in a non adecuate place and irritate the cornea), triquiasis (hair that grows in a normal anatomic position but direction cornea and irritate the cornea), we put correct treatment for cornea ulcus looking at the deepness (with our biomicroscope) and so decide better which treatment wpuld be the best one for the cure.

We can apreciate the eye back groud after dilate the pupil, we can see the retinian blood vessels, the optic nerve and the tapetal and non tapetal zones, make a diagnosis and put treatment.

We can treat ophthalmological emergencies as deep corneal scratches which need a corneal suture, iris prolapses and others, as we own a surgical microscope often needed in those cases.

Nutrición animal

Food allergies are raising up in the poblation of dogs and cats.  The symptoms an be dry hair, dandruf, injuries due to licking (itchy), diarreas, vomiting etc… After checked on other deseases and once the diagnosis food allergy is made we can act in several was. One posibility is to administrate a special medical hipoalergenic diet.

There are some animal which doesn´t even tolerate this comercial diet.  There are studies that prove that animals have other nutritient needs as the human, that means giving only our food to our cat or dog for a longer time can cause diferent metabolic and bone deseases.  To prevent this we can calculate rations and tell you which products you shpuld ad to avoid future illness.

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